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Healing with the Trees and Tree Spirits

I am about to share with you my own Ascension journey.

This Bloquepost includes two free meditations,

one advanced and one beginner, plus some footage to showcase the teachings and techniques in this post on me.

Emotional and Advanced spiritual unfoldings-practice disclaimer:

If you are uncomfortable with seeing emotions and reading-witnessing advanced spiritual truths in action turn away now,


Introduction to healing and communication with the trees and tree spirits. Here are a few points to consider before reading this post.

1. Trees are sentient beings that are connected to the collective and are often inhabited by one or multiple tree spirits.

Sometimes they even switch back and forth between the trees.

Trees are comprised by the physical tree aspect and the spiritual aspect.

Suggestion :

Treat them as a sentient being.

Ok, let's get started.

The fundamental healing tools that are explained in this post are accompanied by a certain degree of awareness.

The core principle is that trees are very high vibe beings, thus if a person sits close to a tree their vibration increases, releasing denser energies that are usually stored in our physical body.

These are the same core principles as in yoga or any other energy work modality, such as Nada Brahma ( the universe is vibration ). Trees like to provide us with oxygen and with vital Chi, Prana, life force energy and they are very loving and caring guardians of us and many other spiritual species.

A tree usually communicates with us through thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Sometimes they even talk to us in thoughts or give us remote hearing or even full-blown visions.

Sometimes they use a more subtle way to communicate with us ... using our inner screen in our third eye.

That's why it's also an amazing mindfulness practice.

It's literally healing with the trees, as this interaction is highly beneficial for all participants, the greater collective and especially the local area.

It's like crying, laughing and celebrating life together. Communication and the exchange of perspectives are already quite healing let alone the raising of the vibration.

It functions by the core principle that when one raises their vibration all denser energies have to surface, be experienced and will leave for good, layer by layer till the individual has reached its action and or dream goal.

Which sometimes is just a happy life and a slower ascension ( the reason why I came back here on earth is to experience love and relationships and to help with the planets ascension.)

as I choose for the sake of my beautiful relationship.

Shout out to my Gorgeous and loving unicorn out there.

If you want to know more about me and my path feel free to check out my website and interviews.

Just remember we are all different and there are numerous ways of communication.

So now that you have been prepared with the very basics of interspecies communication lets get started.

Basic Tree Healing Exercise:

1. Stand or sit at arm's length from an old tree, it's usually an old and large tree. Or just choose any tree that is compelling to you or that your inner guidance is leading you towards.

If for some reason you are having a hard time with this process I am happy to help, just contact me and we can take it from there.

Calm your mind and listen inwards.

Usually, they will give you images, feelings or start talking to you in thoughts.

They also love to drag a lot of old energy out of your physical body, that's why you will feel these waves of emotions at some point. Especially if you are one of the lucky ones that already have an activated Chi flow interface.

Side note: I do also offer Chi flow activation workshops and private sessions.

So the Chi flow interface makes the tree healing much more efficient and intense in a great way.


Although some feelings that will surface are most likely anything else then pleasant there is always light at the end of the tunnel, meaning that the more you practice this modality and communication ability the more they will assist you in your own healing and accession journey. The feelings get less dense and the joyful spiritual energy tingling gets stronger and stronger, moving towards enlightenment and perma-bliss.

Here I share with you my personal ascension journey and showcase it on the following pictures, in order to show you that it is ok to feel these emotions.

Know that they are leaving your body and create space for freedom, joy, bliss, abundance, love and everything you ever wanted. You can literally feel amazing and help others to feel and heal equally great. All that thanks to the trees, this post and your very own soul and awareness that is reading these lines right now.

Are you ready to start the journey now?

Be prepared to have your life swapped around for the better with these simple but efficient tools and Teachings. Know that the universe is based on vibration and mirrors all your vibrations, your subconscious and also the denser ones stored in your body.

That means that in a partially by the law of attraction based governed universe you better take care of your vibes if you want to manifest a beautiful, happy fulfilled future for yourself, your loved ones and the whole world. The trees and Tree spirits are eager and happy to assist you, they even asked me to share their longing and willingness to assist us with you.

Advanced Tree Communication.

1. Choose a tree that is compelling to you or that your inner guidance is suggesting to you. Or let the tree call you if you are already that advanced. If not I am happy to assist with a session.

Send love from your heart into the tree, choose either the tree trunk or the heart of the tree, when you did that for a few moments start to build a bridge of white light from your heart to the trunk or heart of the tree.

From here on the tree will take over and send you images, feelings or even give you remote hearing, clear audience... or project plain visions.

When you feel like its time to disconnect we suggest to thank the tree and ask if you can do anything for the tree or if they want to share a message with the world, then disconnect the light bridge and enjoy your day.

Note that after talking to a tree it is quite common that you will receive a loving blast that might result in the release of old emotions or tears of gratitude for the just lived experience.

No need to fear, trees are all benevolent and will always protect you no matter what.

If you perceive fear or anxiety, know that it's literally just leaving your body. Or sometimes trees are busy or already have an appointment elsewhere or with someone else and try to signal you that by giving you energetical signs such as slight shakiness.

Enjoy practicing and feel free to ask me any questions.

I will also host a few workshops in London the next weeks and months, for more info or to book a session please visit

So here is the footage of one of my own healing journeys, the shivering is mainly due to the energy releases out of my body. It was also a bit cold at 7° Celsius. But oh my was it worth it.

If you are uncomfortable with seeing emotions and feelings you can simply skip this part. and do the exercises. Have fun practicing and please let me know in the comments how far you went and how much your life has changed.

In Love Kasimir

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