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Ok, here is the post so many of you have been asking for, I tried my best to make it as complete as

Let me explain the very essence of my work with Unconditional Love and the True Heart Activation a bit in a quick and short summary.

1. It's all about the unconditional love that comes from your heart, that will transmute everything that is in its way that is less than it. It flows through your body and liquefies any stuck emotions so that they can surface and evaporate, leaving space for more awareness and love. Usually, Bliss and Joy follows. So where does it get uncomfortable and confusing for most people? It is the very nature of this work to remove everything that is less than love from our bodies and energy systems. We have a lot of stuff stored in our bodies from our family lineages and DNA, either in energetical form or already physically manifested illness or discomfort. Sometimes we just carry a lot of emotional baggage that is simply blocking us in any possible way and makes our lives numb or simply a living hell.

The only difference between somebody that is totally conscious and a less aware person is that the conscious person has made most of their subconscious conscious by facing their trauma. The same goes for the difference between the physical body and the energetical body, the only limitation between a fully embodied and functional light body is truly the belief, -direct realization of isness,-truth, the second fastest way is facing all the emotional-physical trauma till the higher self also called light body can truly work through that channel called human form. All reality we see is, in essence, nothing more than a hologram to our higher selves - souls also called a totally functional and integrated light body. The direct realization is the key to total influence over that already solidified light. So why don't we just change things as we wish, especially when we suffer a lot? Well, the answer to this is beautiful and hard at the same time, depending on where you stand in life. Let's say we usually like detours and also want to play around here in this dimension a least a bit before we go, so we pretend that we are less than we already know to be, deep down, for the sake of the experience, itself. Some of us also got tricked along the way... but more on that in my new Book... soon to be released.

So where does it get hard and confusing? The answer lies in the very structure of physicality and our psychological makeup. We, humans, have a 70 % subconscious to a 30 % conscious ratio. Some say it's 80% subconscious and 20 % conscious, but that's not the point here. The point is if you have to face stuff that you didn't even know that was there in the first place because you are simply becoming more conscious, changing the ratio towards total awareness over the human subconscious. This is the beauty of unconditional love from our hearts does the trick in getting stuff out of your body and mind, also stuff that you didn't know about. So we can say that love solves stuff that you could never solve from your conscious mind and any kind of regular awareness modality. Simply because it gets stuff out that you didn't know that you didn't know about it. See? This process once ignited affects us positively. It literally makes us face all our shadows and deepest fears, pains misconceptions of reality and our imagined powerlessness.

The tangible benefits of this work are in short everything you ever desired even if you didn't Know about it, isn't that Awesome? Other great details are that all the emotional debris are slowly released from your energy system ( actually rather quickly, but that depends on how much pain release one can handle) so that the true identity of a person ( it's like your own soundtrack- music of who you are) can be shown through their energy field, a big part of our life purpose is actually saved in the human heart ( there is even a small brain in the human heart ) Here is a short story to show you how much can be hidden in the human heart: (some people even started to play instruments without having learned to play them after having received a heart transplant.) But ok back to the subject so as you and more of you true self shines through awake ppl can read and see the true you and less awake ppl will subconsciously pick up on your real vibes and act accordingly in your and everybody's highest good, even the universe at large has a better time at reading you and delivering your hearts true desire at your doorstep. It's much more like a Christmas present, much deeper and way more beautiful than your deepest conscious creations and manifestations before like for example from vision boards or the I create my own reality style manifestations. After all that is less then Love is released there is nothing more left than love, bliss and joy, space for experience and every other emotion becomes truly just an option as the natural state of being is revealed. This process can take a few years of regular and hour long practice but there is literally no limit as to what one can achieve with this work here on earth and beyond, depending on how deep the individual wants to take it. Some ppl just want the quick and life changing results that can be achieved after a session with me or a workshop, some want to work rather more intensively and do a 3 to 4-day intensive. Sometimes I am not allowed to do the intensive work with everybody, so it's rare and very intense opportunity, also the ppl involved tend to project their shadows on me afterward and disappear for a few months or a year out of my life, fighting with the digest. So if you really want to take the second quickest way out of this feel free to consult my intensive work. The way out is the way in.

A note about the Spiritual Detox: The mind can get quite deceptive in this process because it possesses the need for constant adaptation to the new normal in order for it to perceive a sense of stagnation and create a desire for change and growth, sometimes even using discontent for the sake of expansion. Sometimes your mind even might want to make you tired or blank in the healing process, or simply tell you "this is old and will never change", or "this is just making it worst". Sometimes healing requires at first a worsening of the symptoms, physical as emotional. The thing to know in this and remember is as you go, or are taken through the process of your heart's energy is that it will feel so bad that you might think its all lost. maybe write yourself a note and put it on the table... for example " I will be in my very own healing hell for the next 4 hours to 3 days, it's all leaving your body, but before it has to be felt and experienced. Just know even if it feel like you are literally losing it, it's all good, it's all just leaving your body" Also know that the amount and intensity of spiritual detox is depending on the quantity of unconditional love used in the process and the hearts choice of amount of release, always remember you are safe you are loved, it just feels like you are dying, but also let go and fully accept and go into the releasing experience, relax as much as possible, some detoxes are soft and sweet some harder, some pass even unnoticed or are so full of joy and warmth that it doesn't even feel like a detox. Sometimes there is no detox, just the Joy and Love hunting the bliss of our existence.

Sidenote: I specialize in 4 different main aspects of work, Open Mediumship ( which actually includes everything possible in existence), True Heart Activation, connecting with Higher Self and Chi Flow Activation. Please contact me for more information about my work. Kasimir Kurt

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