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About Kasimir


Kasimir's work focuses on reconnecting YOU to your higher self and to the Universe. This connection gives you access to a marvellous power within you. It is always with you and can direct you through your life in an energetically balanced and grounded way.

Kasimir had a deep and intense near-death experience at the age of 16. As a consequence, he is now among us to remind us of our inherent potentials and our true nature.

Kasimir is a Medium, Chi flow Channel, Animal Communicator, Reiki Master and Instructor. But, most significantly, he is an awakened human being who wants to unite you with your gifts.

His work is highly practical and brings about immediate results. He will shift your views so that you will see clearer how to use your gifts to be happier and to experience inner freedom.

Everyone can benefit from Kasimir's work as we are all imbued with the same power, yet most of us just don’t know it.​




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